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Our Fair Trade Journey

When we started our FT journey we were shocked and disappointed that many organisations and producers, claim to follow fair trade practices.

It became clear that education was necessary.

And most imporantly Issara create a process to ensure we offer products that really are created under Fair Trade principles. 


Our Partnering Process 

It is very important to us to support organisations where Fair Trade Principles are adhered to. Initially, we only sought partnerships with organisations that either had the WFTO Guarantee label or going through the process. The process is rigorous and costly and Issara Designs felt it was important to support groups trying to achieve this certification.

The majority of our partners do have WFTO membership.

Fair Trade is an Educational and Ongoing Process

In our travels to find unique products we also came across many other groups and organisations that adhere to Fair Trade principles. However, limited resources and or minimal knowledge may be a barrier to certification.

It seemed not FAIR to consider these groups as future partners.

So now, we spend many hours, often with an interpreter, discussing Fair Trade principles and our compliance requirements with potential producer partners.

Monitoring and Compliance

We rely on the resources of one of the largest Fair Trade enterprises in Europe for producer partner monitoring. When we can, we visit our partners to ensure compliance and most importantly develop our relationship.

We also rely on the compliance standards of Fair Trade Peak Bodies in many countries, ensuring our chosen partners have some form of association.

Collaboration = Success

We liaise with NGO's and Government Bodies who offer business development and mentoring programs for producer and artisan groups with minimal access to trade opportunities.

We have a collaborative approach with all our partners to ensure we can continue sustainable opportunities and within a Fair Trade framework.

Issara Designs Australia feels the future of Fair Trade is with collaboration and the development of successful relationships.
We hope you agree and will support us.

To learn more about the WFTO Guarantee Label please go to http://wfto.com/

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Production.

Issara Designs Australia is also committed to sustainable and eco-friendly production processes. Not only do we source products that fit these criteria, we also work with our producers to ensure our products and designs are long lasting and have a positive impact on people and the earth.

Social Mission

Issara Designs Australia sourced from producers that have a social mission as part of their business practice. Many of our producer partners provide financial, education and healthcare assistance to their employees and members. Others, like us, are social enterprises where profits are given to the charity or non-profit part of the organisation.

Our products are handmade, most using sustainable methods and materials and all under fair trade principles. These are products with a story.  Issara Designs Australia are proud members of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.

We invite you to browse our site and learn how sharing these stories with customers and friends, can create positive change for all.

Find out more about Fair Trade by visiting www.wfto.com or contact us at hello@issara.com.au


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