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When you join the Issara Designs Australia wholesale community you are doing so much more than buying from just any supplier.


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When you partner with Issara, we promise to provide you with beautiful, authentic, fashion, lifestyle and giftware made by skilled artisans, using sustainable materials and techniques, and Fair Trade Principles.

Everything produced is good for people and good for our planet. 

  • As a stockist, you and your customers, are helping Issara to offer Trade Not Aid.
  • As a stockist, you and your customers, are helping to offer empowering, sustainable and viable solutions to eradicate poverty and all that is associated with it.

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By stocking Issara products, you have access to the latest designs and trends with authenticity.  We support your business by providing information and marketing related to artisans stories and their products. Your customers become loyal by engaging with the personal stories; and by feeling good about their purchase.

The movement toward ethical shopping is growing rapidly. So don't be left behind,  whilst your customers become more discerning about how they spend their money.  

Stock Issara Designs Australia products and creates an edge over your competitors whilst doing social good. 

For wholesale enquiries email hello@issara.com.au

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