Exclusive Fair Trade, Ethical, Handmade Gifts, Home Decor & Eco-Friendly Fashion.

 We are a lifestyle brand doing business a little differently.

Like you, Issara care's about people and the planet. We carefully source products so you can shop your values.

We seek to inspire your choice for stylish authentically designed products. Lovingly hand made by skilled artisan, craftsmen and women.

Always committed to using natural and sustainable materials and processes.

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 With Issara you can feel confident you are helping the world in a small way. 

As a social enterprise, focused on creating social good, and driven by our commitment to a fairer and sustainable world we ensure profits are used for maximum social impact. We work closely with artisans to curate a collection that does as little harm as possible - to people, communities, and the environment. If you would like to get involved through volunteering or internship please contact us here.





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